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Hi Guys, I'm new on these forums. I've been looking for a co-artist to work on a Hentai RPG Game I am working on, for RPG Maker VX Ace. The game is called Xenzo:PANDAmonium its a Dating Sim / Hentai RPG where by you take the role of a wondering genius in search for EPIC ROMANCE who crash lands on an alien planet filled with thrills and crazy girls, the entire planet was taken over by Juno a femenist overlord and demi-goddess, she transformed the former guardian of the planet, King Zilo into a Lovestruck Panda that does everything at her will. You being a genius and a pervert have to seduce all the women in the game-world and break their curse that zany-feminist Juno has put over them.

We'll talk about the main characters and other aspect in the game like the Sex-battle system later  :y: right now I have been forced to put this game on Haitus because of such a simple thing like coloring. You see I have a ton of characters to animate, battlers and parallaxes to draw and sprite, tile-sets to create, animations to make and possibly a battle-system to code and all I have ( or had ) is myself. I really want to make this game but I have to be realistic, I am one man and there is a limit to what one person can do.

Therefore your Job will be simple, I will send you tile-sets, characters, battle backgrounds and parallaxes, battle characters ( really well pixeld sexy babes  ;) ) and animations to color ( and maybe even re-work/tweak  only if you feel like ) as long as the base design ( line art ) remains mostly the same. I think It would be fun working with you, I am open to more than one co-artist.

Sorry I cant pay you because this is a free project BUT you get to color-over some hentai babes AND you can choose whatever color scheme you want, lets just discuss about setting a limit to the pallet you use but generally anything poppy and hot, very little to no greys and dull colors. 32-bit color is what I would like but 16-bit is good enough too.

Here are some examples on what you would be working on

Line Art Tilesets will be given to you like this, you would then color them in as you wish. Lets try set it to 1 tile-set per week or faster.
This tile is for a town called Catacus.

Here is what I did, I'm sure you guys can do a better job, its rushed since I have other stuff to work on.

Here are the Characters. Xenzo is the guy on the top left with glasses. And yes there's a dick in there lol

Same characters, line Art, the ones with pink backgrounds are the babes you can pick up, Yuki Onna is one of them.

Here is a quick example of a coctail-girl, I will use manga sprites like this for the dating system

Here is some flat color, you dont have to keep it like this

I can Understand if any of you are uncomfortable with the whole hentai sex-game theme and I'm not forcing anything I understand we all have our own lives to live and our own problems and daily routines BUT lets help each other MAKE THE BEST HENTAI RPG EVER!!!

Post if you're interested, you can download any of the shared images and work on them a little to show me what you can do or post any work you've done as an example and together we can make this dream come true!!

Note: Tell me if you cant see the images and You don't need to know anything about RPG Maker VX Ace to join but It can help a little with knowing RPG Maker sprite dimensions but I'll worry about that.
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