AuthorTopic: Small amount of pixel art wanted for a website  (Read 1778 times)

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Small amount of pixel art wanted for a website

on: July 08, 2013, 11:27:59 am

So at the moment I'm working on my new site It's a site deticated for helping indie devs create microsites, and hosting them. I also make microsites at request (though this is subject to my availability). All tutorials are WIP. But this is geared towards microsites.

There is placeholder art on the site at the moment.

The art I need:

  • header art (where at the moment it's got a guy at a spaceship control panel).
        dimensions: 520x260px
        ideally itd be kinda spacey like the current one, it doesnt need to be personalised to protochip, just be some nice art that i have permission to use.
        also i'd love it were a gif like the current one, with some blinky lights etc.
  • some breaking art. at the moment i have the fez things which i made myself. it might be nice to have multiple, one for every big indie game character? or something cool like that. maybe something totally different, like a cat. also the lines on the side are up for changing if you have a good idea.
        dimensions: 500x80 (or smaller in height, but 500 width is a requirement)
  • list item art. at the moment you can see (if youre on firefox) that i have a little lightning bolt. again i dont mind what goes here, maybe even some kind of gif, but it needs to be small.
        a favicon (not sure what i want for it... sorry) - maybe the same thing that's used as the list item art? idk..

I can't offer you money, but I can offer credit on the site, and hosting if you have something you want hosted. (currently im on a free host but once it gets up and going and i have more requests ill upgrade), or make you a microsite / site (within reason).

Email me here
or post underneath VVV
or twitter @louisdeb