AuthorTopic: [PAID] Top Down Action-Rpg gfx $8/hr - higher if you are fast.  (Read 2397 times)

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I am looking to develop a short game for a 30 day competition that is currently on-going now.

Unfortunately, I can only offer $8/hr. If you are particularly fast at churning out graphics this can be raised significantly.

I am looking for some simple graphics in the vein of a Link to the Past. The style does not have to match A Link to the Past extremely closely, but the graphical style must match the genre - if that makes sense. SAMPLE WORK IS A MUST

I am looking for a QUICK AND EFFICIENT artist that can do simple, short animations as well. I do not expect graphics to be overly detailed or overly animated. They must meet a good medium between efficiency and quality, though. I am willing to use already created graphics as long as they have not already been used in other projects.

You must be able to create the following:

Main Character Sprite
NPC Sprites
Enemy/Boss Sprites
HUD/Menu Graphics

The graphics/tiles will be within the 16x16 or 24x24 range.

Given the deadline this project cannot be too ambitious.

I would really like to discuss rates via instant messenger since it is so much faster. I prefer to pay partial upfront and partial upon completion. Major plus If you're able to accurately estimate time that it will take you to produce a certain graphic/tileset/etc.

I prefer AIM or facebook, but I can download any instant messenger. I can also be reached at

If anyone is familiar with Atnas, he has done work for me in the past, and is currently working on some things for me right now. He can vouch for on-time up-front payment and payment upon completion.

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Mail sent.
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