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[Portfolio] Zachary Crozier

on: June 18, 2013, 01:49:13 pm
Hello, my name is Zachary Crozier, and I am a pixel artist. Although I have worked with multiple mediums in the past (digital painting, vectors, and other forms of graphic design) pixel art is unique and one that I hold close to my heart. I have some experience in the field- I have helped several indie developers and created entire assets for a handful of games. The simplistic and sometimes nostalgic nature of pixel art  is quite eye-catching in computer games, and thus I hope you contact me if you are interested in doing so. I assure you my heart, soul, and fingertips will not wear out, when the day is done.

Below are a few examples of my recent pixel works. There is a mix of game mockups, tile works, scenes, and characters. I also can do animations amongst other things like concept art.

Please feel free to contact me for business, ask question, inquire about my wages, or the like.
(For the record, I won't be charging nearly as much money as some of the other artists out there. Depending on the complexity and budget of one's project, hourly wages will be in the 12-15 $ [American] per hour. Indie game developing is tricky, and cash can be tough to come by; so I hope I can account for this money suppressed world we are living in.)

My email address is

You can also view my non-digital works here-
Some of my older pixel works can also be viewed here-

Thank you for reading, and have a nice day!
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