AuthorTopic: [PAID] Looking for a great pixel artist for a dungeon crawler.  (Read 6683 times)

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I'm creating a coop dungeon runner in the vein of the arcade classic "Gauntlet" and need a great pixel artist to help improve and complete the artwork.

You can play an Alpha version of the game here:

Primarily, I need tilesets, game objects, class portraits, UI and a Logo. I'm looking for an artist with great pixel art skills, a good sense of color palettes and an appreciation for the genre.

The approximate scope of remaining work is probably the equivalent to several hundred 32x32 sprites, mostly not animated.

If you you're the artist I'm looking for, email me at Please include your rates, availability and a link to your portfolio.

Below are some examples from other games. I'm not looking for duplication, but give a rough idea of the quality and style I'm looking for:
I really like the palette and style of the backround/logo for this page, except for the fact that the pixels are doubled.
This game (Hammerwatch) is very similar to our game and their art style isn't too far from what I like, particularly the crumbling stone work of the actual game environment.
A little cartoonish, but good pixel definition and palette.