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Hey artists!
Over the last two months I have been busy organizing the Open Pixel Platformer. It's goal is to create a free to use CC-BY licensed high quality pixel art tile and spriteset for platform games, possibly for us to create a big community made game with these assets ourselves in the future.

Over at PJ many artist have started working together on a generic jungle set, so far we have something that looks like this:

If you want to see more of this set, have a look over here

Thanks to Ptoing and Crow who helped me create this post and come up with an idea for a theme.

I would like to ask you, the people from pixelation, to join the collaboration and create a cave tile set for the Open Pixel Platformer.


The Cave set

Yay, the creation of a cave set has started! We are looking for all kinds of contributions from all kinds of pixel artists!
If you see something you can improve/edit, do so!
If you want to add animations to existing characters, do so!
As long as you license your work CC-BY it can be used. Sketches, line art and other unfinished art as well as it could be finished by others.

To create a consistent set there are some style rules. These have been created by the community and still evolve over time. Most important:

* Everything uses this palette from Dawnbringer: DB32

* All the tiles are 32x32. Of course you can create objects that stretch multiple tiles.
* Tiles, objects, characters, everything has outlines 1px thick
* Everything is cartoony. Shading is simplified, dithering avoided
* Framerate for animations is 8/100 seconds per frame (or 12.5 FPS)
* Characters have big tall eyes, big heads and short legs. Some examples:

You can read the whole style guide here, it gets updated as more things get contributed! You decide where this project goes!

Also important:
Top surface exists of two tiles: One base tile and one tile on top of this for the top edge, about four pixels heigh. This is to allow objects such as shrubs to be merged properly with the tiles. Characters will walk on top of the base tile. Example:

Please note: All artwork in this thread will be licensed CC-BY! Please state somewhere that you agree with this.

For the jungle sets I made some effort to create starting tiles as a base. Here I want to experiment and see what happens if I don't supply these tiles, rather I'd see what you guys come up with! You can use this as a template:

First priorities are getting a tileable base floor tile and a background color for foreground and background. Once we settle on this the possibilities are endless!

- cave tiles
- doors
- ladders
- bats
- spiders
- mushrooms
- crystals
- hidden laboratories
- monsters, characters, objects

You decide what gets into this set!

So, my question to you all:
Could you help me get some base tiles for this cave set, and allow the rest of the world to build upon it?

Join the fun and create some tiles, monsters, objects for the OPP! I am looking forward to your submissions :D


Useful links:
General discussion thread
Style guide and style discussion thread
Jungle set thread
Village set thread

So far there is:

Feel free to edit, improve or build upon!

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

Currently we are looking for: Lava environment & Monsters!

This seems like a really cool activity and I'd love to help out, but right now I'm super busy with stuff..  :yell:


I guess i will try to help out.

A blue mushroom


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