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Scaling objects.


Hello !

I've came back to drawing again.

I've made something like this :

But the problem is that my character feels off to these buildings. Maybe it is a scaling or something like that ? Any advice ?

I've made some changes.

Changed the overall character + mixing a bit with contrast ect.

Cute art-style.
In regards to scale, I think your character looks too tall for those buildings, in both versions.
Unless they are further back in the distance and your character will shrink a bit to get inside. If he doesn't, I would make the color in those buildings less saturated and shift everything towards a light blue. To the point where it would be clear that I won't be able to interact with them.

Besides that, I think you could work some more on your vegetation. Especially that shrub that's in the middle of the building in the left. The darker contour line flattens it a bit. I would use that color for shading as well as all the others.

Really cool style overall, though. I really dig the non-organic stuff and the characters.


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