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*This position has been filled. Thank you all who applied.*
Hello, Martian Arctic Games, developer of Rogue Miner, Gem Goblin, Cyber-Wing, 7DRL entry Rogue Fleet is developing a new F2P multiplayer mobile game for iOS.

The game is dungeon-delving medieval fantasy and I am looking for cartoony, cute 2D pixel art characters, 2D effect animations, and backgrounds. The characters themselves are not animated.

This is a paid position for contract, but if things go well you will make a few thousand dollars for a few months part time work. Exact details & final amounts are subject to negotiation & what kind of offers I get from artists.

I treat my artists well, my instructions are simple and  I pay money up front before you get started, and uphold my end of the bargain and expect my artists to do the same.

Here is a screenshot of the current version of the game using the common and inexpensive Lofi Rogue tileset:

Please submit a portfolio and references of any released mobile games you have worked on to Thank you.
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