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[Paid] Work:Portraits 64x64

on: May 27, 2013, 06:39:39 pm
Hi! Looking for someone who can do this swiftly, We are on abit of a deadline. What We are asking for is simple.
How much will I get paid?
If you are interested I'm sure we can find a price that makes us both happy. Though we are on a budget. It is a pretty comfortable one.

How do I get paid? 
via PayPal.

The Job
We are working on a Pirate Rpg. This current request is for custom Jolly rogers.

Here is an example of what we will need. A 64x64

Skull base

As you can see we currently have one, its just not to our liking.

Then a plethora of layers, including (The options listed in the picture) to customize and personalize your own jolly roger.

Thank you for your consideration.

Contact Information: