AuthorTopic: [UNPAID 4 NOW]COVERT ART 4 INDIE ALBUM  (Read 1786 times)

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on: May 26, 2013, 11:04:20 am
Hi everyone,
First of all,my apologizes for the bad english:I'm from ITALY.

A friend of mine is searching for a good artist who can make the COVER ART of his upcoming indie album. He just wants the picture of a COOL 8-BIT MONKEY ON A BLUE BACKDROP (additional infos,concepts and sketches will be send to the artist),nothing really hard to do.

Suddently,we've run out of money in producing the tracks of the album so the work would be UNPAID. We can only offer pubblicity in our country. Only if the album(first relased as free-download and then on i-tunes)would have success we will be GLAD to PAY the artist and give him the right acknowledgment .

For more information:

(for any more doubts don't hesitate to write me a private message,I'll be glad to talk with you all)

I hope some of you guys would be interested in the project. It would be a cool collaboration. :lol: