AuthorTopic: Looking for a partner to work with me on a game about parallel universes.  (Read 2380 times)

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I'm looking for a partner to work with me on a game I've been planning for the last 6 months.

About the game
The game is a puzzle 2D top down game about multiverse, love and life. The game has many of its game mechanics borrowed from SNES classics such as Zelda, but with a huge twist. This game allows the player to seamlessly travel between parallel universes to solve puzzles.

This project is highly personal and well thought-out, meaning that story, game design and many puzzles are already in place. I've been working on multiple prototypes that I made myself during the last few weeks.

If wanted, I can send you a fully functioning prototype so that you can test it out yourself.

The final goal is to finish the game and then release it on PC, Xbox and Playstation. Handhelds, Android and iOS are also highly possible platforms.

Because this is a huge project for a small team (most likely only you and me), payment cannot be guaranteed, but game revenue will be shared between the project members.

You will be responsible for all 2D art: from concept to animation and environment graphics. I'm looking for someone who is experienced, dedicated and skilled, looking to work on a game for a longer time frame (but not full-time) and who can work independently. I'm doing all the programming, game design, audio design and story writing so the only thing you need to think about is art and animation.

The prototype is using placeholder graphics. We will be using whatever graphic style that suits you instead.

It is important that you speak english or swedish fluently, and that you take the project very seriously. Work times are flexible, and you decide when you want to work.

I am a 24 year old Swedish guy, currently studying my last year for my master in computer science and engineering. I have a long experience in making music and games and I am very ambitious and dedicated. I'm proefficient in composing music, programming, game design, music production and audio design. I also have valuable contacts in the gaming industry, publishers included, which will be of benefit when we plan to monetize the game. I've also been finalist in a few Swedish game awards ceremonies with other games that I've created.

If this sounds interesting or if you have any questions, send me an email at prantare [at], and we can talk more there.
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I just thought I'd volunteer my services.  My name is Jared Carmona, formerly an lyricist/electronic music producer by the pseudonym "Scabsallover."  Currently I am working as a freelance screenwriter looking to offer my services to any project to build my portfolio, in any capacity they are willing to have me.  I can outline, write dialogue/scenarios/full story/character bios/side plots.
I am confident my skills can aid your project. As of typing, the screenplay to my first film has just finished and we are entering preproduction.  You can find me on IMDB (though it hasn't been updated in a few months).
Please keep me in mind:
óJared Carmona