AuthorTopic: [Unpaid for now] Finished Android 2D Puzzle Game Looking for Art.  (Read 2008 times)

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This game is a solo project that I've been working on for around a year on and off. I'm very happy with how it plays, but my programmer art leaves a lot to be desired. The game is made with AndEngine and features a few animated sprites/sprite sheets. Its been in the works for a little over a year but has only been worked on in between other projects.

The game is a tile-matching puzzle game, somewhat akin to Tetris Attack, but I promise it is also unique and not a blatant clone of anything I know to exist already. The game has an Egyptian theme and graphics should looks somewhat cartoon-y (as one might expect in a casual puzzle game).

I'm looking for a talented sprite artist to help me elevate the game to state that is ready for release on Google Play. I'm happy with how the game plays, but in today's saturated game market, gameplay means little if the graphics aren't there.  The graphics mostly consist of animated sprites/sprite sheets and backgrounds. The tiles in the game need to animated when they are destroyed or created. Graphics for menu and settings buttons are also needed. All graphics will have to correspond to the Egyptian theme.

The game is currently unpaid, but I'm very open to profit sharing once the game is completed and up on Google Play.

If you are at all interested in helping my game finally see the light of day or if you have any further questions, please email me at Thank you all for your consideration.