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The Background

Although the project is being worked on in alpha stages, until a more serious artist comes forward I would prefer not to release the name. However, I provide a bit of background for users to get their hands on!

The game is designed by a group of artistically challenged veteran programmers for the Windows PC platform via the Rpg Maker XP game engine. We also have an app developer working on cloud run versions available on Android and possibly iOS.

It is a sci-fi/cyberpunk RPG akin to that of Star Ocean 3, albeit using 32-bit graphics. The core gameplay and programming has been finalized and although we have a full time artist that can produce the anime styled drawing and color them, we lack a pixel artist.

The Job

The job requirements are pretty simple. If you have a talent for pixels and can operate based on the pictures I supply, I can pay you per sheet. I have a group of investors that are interested in the project and have given me directions on what they want the money spent on.
The character sheets are similar to the following:

Character Sheet

Battler Set

I am willing to negotiate a price, but I am thinking 15$ per (character) sheet and 25$obo for (battler) sheets as they are not that detailed. However, if you think your talents are worth more, feel free to pitch an offer. I am also willing to negotiate a retainer fee to secure the same artist for the length of the current project stage.

I am open to offers on the battler sheets. You will obviously also be given a free copy of the collector's edition game when it is completed and have your name in the credits.

Contact Me
Please contact me either here via reply, on the forums via PM or by email

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