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Artist Needed - PAID - 2D Shooter Game

on: March 20, 2013, 04:54:58 am
About Me
I'm a web developer by trade, and I've only recently broken the barrier into game development. This is still my first real foray, however, so there's a good possibility of hangups down the line. That shouldn't matter to you, however, as I'll be willing to pay for the delivery of sprite sheets and tilesets regardless of my current development status.

About the Game
Tentatively named Suspect At Large, the game will be a 2D side-view "shooter" involving cops and robbers. The aim of the player, as the robber, will be to steal from shops, homes, liquor stores, and banks. Later I may add multiplayer, which will allow players to assume the role of police officers as well.

Development Plan
I'm prototyping the game in HTML5 using canvas/Javascript, but will most likely port to C#/XNA once things take off. The goal is to eventually sell the game on Xbox Live, but one thing at a time. I've been using existing sprite sheets borrowed from others to this point, and not having my own assets is starting to hamper progress.

Art Style

General idea of what I'm going for. This background is clearly not true 2D, but the actual game art would be.

More of a high quality version of the cop.

Started working on the spritesheet, and it should be pretty clear why I need help!

Sprite Sheet Needs
Obviously going for a very retro look here. The bodies and legs will need to be drawn separately from the arms and head, as seen in the last image I provided, since I will be animating them separately.

Bodies should fit within a 32x32 pixel square centered. Heads fit in a 16x16 px square, but need a bit of space at the top to account for doorways. Arms fit in a 32x16 px rectangle and should be aligned so that the shoulders match up with the body horizontally (again, see my spritesheet in progress for example).

All the standard animations would be in effect: left and right variations of standing, walking, running, crouching, ascending and descending stairs, and climbing ladders. A standing front and standing rear stance would be required as well. Additionally, there should be animations for drawing and aiming both a pistol and a shotgun, donning and removing ski mask, getting shot (not dying) and getting shot (dying). There may be others, but that's all I can come up with for this stage of the game.

Since this is likely the most intensive portion, I'm willing to pay up to $25/hr for the first character sheet from the right artist. I'd like to get a robber character complete before jumping into others characters. Additional characters may pay at a slightly lower rate, since I could probably clone those if I really had to. Final deliverable would have all described animations as defined on a single PNG with transparent background. Any additional provided animations you think would be fun (like idles, melee, etc) would be worth additional compensation. Ideally, all animations will be on their own separate row (not as efficient, I know, but will speed up work for me).

Tile Sheet Needs
As stated, the world will be absolute side-view 2D. Tiles will be made of 16x16 pixel squares that piece together seamlessly. Setting is modern city and should include interior and exterior settings. What I'm looking for is square tiles of background panels and foreground objects (or windows, trees, etc) that may take up multiple tiles and have transparent backgrounds. Background and foreground items may be on the same sheet, but should be sorted accordingly.

Scale should be in line with the characters, so 16px = 2 ft (0.6m).

I'm very open to what kind of style the environment can have, so this is your chance to be creative. Since this work isn't as specific (and I won't be as picky), I'm thinking $15/hr is fair for tilesheeting.

Get To Work!
If you're interested, hit me up. PM, email, post in here, whatever. Email is probably best ( and will likely be the primary form of communication throughout.

Feel free to send/post examples of your previous work, or better yet, show me your capabilities by drawing a scene including a couple characters in a 2D scene (or just one or the other if you're only interested in part of the work).

Payment will be awarded immediately upon submission of completed tilesheet (feel free to watermark your submissions prior to that, if you're low on trust) by PayPal. Other methods may be arranged if this doesn't work for you.

Hope to hear from you soon!