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Hey guys!

I'm Charlie McShane, head of Flashback Studios. I am a website designer of 4 years, programmer for 3 years and a game developer for 3 years. I have had the privilege to work for such large companies like 'Tapulous' (Developer's for the Tap Tap Revenge series), 'O2' and 'The Yogscast'.

We have been funded by O2 and The Yogscast to create the game "Yogscast: And The Mystical Dream Tower" for PC, Mac, iOS and Android. The game has been in development for almost 2 years; and the game is about 70% completed, and are looking for pixel artists/illustrators/animators to aid us to completion. We strongly recommend people who can cover all of these artistic fields also! However, if you do not, please do not hesitate to submit your application, we are always happy to see what you guys have to offer!

Play the current BETA here for free!!!

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We are looking for incredibly talented artists that are imaginative. Not only are we looking for great pixel art, we are also looking for artists that can work in a wide range of digital media. So when requested to complete a job, you are able to do so with ease.
We are also employing you for your gaming expertise, so be sure to debate on what is needed and why, then be able to fix this with your artistic abilities.

We need your commitment to the project until completion. Depending on how well you preform with us, depends on your future with us, we would love to give more paid work to people we feel can work great with the team!

Upon joining the group, you will be put into a trial day or two. Here we judge how well you work with the team and if your work ethics are compatible with ours. During this trial, we will discuss payments in further detail and sort out invoice submissions.
- The games development begins on the 15th-18th March 2013
- Our best rates for this long term project is $10/ph for 3 hours a day (Including weekends) Monday-Sunday.
- The games production for artists and programmers is 4 months of work (120 days).
- We can discuss perhaps offering free website design/programming for your site, and bump up the appeal to your site for when the game is released.
- Full advertising of your site in the games credits, the games website, the official Yogscast forum post and more. (A potential audience of 100,000-500,000 people)
- Possible future work at a possible higher rate in the future depending on publishers approval of the final product.

A fair share of people, we currently have one person working in programming and design, three people working in programming along with two other artists who have been in animation development with 'Skullgirls' and 'Tap Tap Revenge', so you will be sure that you will be working with people who have had professional game design experience.

We ideally want you to be well connected with the team. This requires you to be active on Facebook and Skype almost everyday, and are able to respond to messages, emails and requests immediately, as well as be able to tell others on what work you have done.
We want you to be talkative with the team and be able to form friendships with your work peers easily, and not be conservative around others. You will be needed to connect up to a installed version of Dropbox, and be able to place all work in the folder you are given.
Overall, we want you to not feel like just another applicant.

Bonus' include FREE professional website designs with to allow your digital portfolio to go online or upgraded. A full written cover letter. Full advertisement of your portfolio in-game, on our website and the thread.


That is everything! If you are interested, please contact me at or through PM. Good luck!

- Flashback Studios

Play for FREE while in BETA!