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The setting:  Independent video game production underway. Science fiction setting involves a population of enlarged and mutated insects. More details will be made available to applicants approached for negotiation.

10  32x32 pixel Unique Icons in the style of SNES item screens and/or power ups.
(Opportunity to expand this list is a possibility.)

Itemized list:  (Science Fiction setting and style on icons is required.)
Energy Cell
Ammo Clip
Vial with fluid
Mosquito proboscis
Insect Spikes
Grasshopper/Cricket Leg Fragment

Reference Links for understanding of desired icon setup:

Professional level work is preferred, amateurs may be considered.
Professional interaction is a must.

Time Constraints:
All work must be completed including any revisions by the 15th of April.
Regular updates and correspondence will be required during production.

Payment is negotiable, and expected to be held at industry standards.
Bulk sum or hourly rates are acceptable.

Applicants should:
Be able to look at concept art and reference pictures and create representative pixel art.
Be able to provide quality work within a concise time frame.
Be capable and willing to communicate during the process at regular scheduled intervals.
Understand that revisions are a natural part of the process and consider them as part of the time for completion.
Have a list of viewable artwork, worthy of inspection and review available.
Take this job seriously and understand that they are seeking a contract for paid work.

Reply with:
Contact information
An estimate of your price for the work.
List your preferred payment method (hourly, piece work, bulk sum, etc.)
Define how quickly you predict you could complete the task.
Some examples of your work and ability.
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