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Downtime and lost data

on: March 03, 2013, 01:45:02 pm
Follow @wotpstatus for status updates on downtimes/maintenance in the future.

The forums are back up!

This topic serves the purpose of providing information about the issues that occured and the results of said issues.

Just recently, at the beginning of February, I posted a topic about servers being moved. Nothing major, I suppose none of you noticed. Our hoster just moved the content and database over to a new server. Said server apparently had a hard drive failure, and the RAID was not configured correctly. The result: we have to go with a somewhat older database backup. 9th February, to be precise. Every thread/post that was posted after that date has been lost. I'm sorry about it, but we can't change that now. Right now, the forums still look a little wonky. I'm at home and don't have access to most of the files that are not here right now, like the emotes and so on. I'll see if I can reach ptoing, he should have them. Otherwise, I will restore them tomorrow.

Now that the forums are running again, I will work on restoring some lost functionality. If you encounter any problems, have any questions or similar, please write me a PM.

Edit: Zoom is back, CSS tweaks for nearest neighbor rendering of zoomed images is in again as well. What's missing are some images and files and a mod against spammers.

Edit: Mod's installed.

Edit: There seem to be a few issues with the database's encoding. Can't fix that at the moment, stay tuned!

Edit: There will be another downtime at some point tomorrow to fix the encoding issues.

Edit: Well, we are done early! Cool! Character set issues should be fixed. If you encounter any additional problems, tell me. Still still files (like news banners) missing, but you'll have to wait a little longer for those, I'm afraid.
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