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Hello, I am Novally,. I'm 18 years old and have been making pixel art since I was about 14. I am currently attending college, majoring in Criminal Justice. I want to offer my services.
I have sprited for two small projects (I have the sprites in my deviant art page, but not the link to the actual projects.)

My Gallery:

I found the link to one of the projects. I did Health Bars for a fighting engine called Mugen for someone who was creating their own fighting game.

I charged him $30 for it.

If you're here is because you want to hire pixel artists to make you beautiful pixel art for your games, website, flash movies etcétera, I am an experienced pixel artists who would love to see my art be used, which means I sell pixel art at low prices, browse my gallery and enjoy the samples I display there!

Prices have to be negotiated with me through private messaging or email.

I prefer flat rates, but here is something for small projects.

One small sprite for $7.00 and $3.00 per additional.

Larger sprites (past 100x 100) is $15

Animations are $1 per frame if it is over five frames. Other wise it is $2.00 per frame.

Backgrounds are $50 unless in 32 x 32 tile form. Those will be $20.

I can only accept payment via Paypal.

Message me if you're interested.
Please message me if you're looking to hire a sprite artist!