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[Paid] Looking for talented pixel artist

on: December 30, 2012, 07:42:33 pm
About the project

Prisonscape is an adventure/RPG game in which the main character is sent to jail (and later on to prison) for crimes he actually DID commit. The player has to stay alive and learn the rules of this harsh place. Inside you have to deal with such things as constant assaults,
creating and using weapons, interacting with other prisoners and learning the drug trade. The player can develop his character to be, for example, a strong, tough fighter or an intelligent, charismatic manipulator.

The game will contain mature themes, such as nudity, drugs and violence. If you these themes bother you, please do not read any further.

You can read more about the game and us from our website.

What we need

We want the game to look like a SNES game (think Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VI), so you should have excellent skills in creating pixel art. We also need some illustrations (logo, "box cover") and graphics for marketing materials.

We already have a lot of tiles (32x32) and sprites (24x28), but they are not nearly good enough for the game we are making. Your job would be to take these graphics and mold them into art. Of course you can be creative and re-model the tiles completely, and we actually encourage you to use your artistic abilities and creativity to create something stunningly beautiful for us.

Below are some samples of the current graphics, so if you think you can make them better, contact us! We expect you to do quality work at a moderately fast pace.


The rights to these graphics will be transferred to us. You can use the graphics in your portfolio, though.


There's a lot of tiles and sprites to work on, and we would prefer to agree on a lump sum rather than pay by hour. But we are very open to any sort of negotiations.


As soon as possible! Since we have the tile and sprite models ready, you could start right away.

Contact information

You can contact me (Pekka) by e-mail at I check e-mail very frequently.


- Pekka & Tuomas