AuthorTopic: Seeking Artist for 2D Platformer Game  (Read 2513 times)

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Seeking Artist for 2D Platformer Game

on: December 22, 2012, 12:50:14 pm
We're looking for an artist for a game with the working title "Vox Venio".

What is the game?

It's a 2D puzzle platformer with a slight twist. The player controls two characters -- one with the keyboard/gamepad as is the norm, the other with voice commands. The game is already well into production.

You can read the game's development blog here:
There are plenty of images and videos if you scroll through.

What are the specifics of the job?

Creating art, mostly. You will be taking over from another artist. You are free to totally reinvent the look of the game, it doesn't even have to be pixel art.

Optionally, you are welcome to contribute ideas to the overall development and design of the game. You input could considerably shape the game.

Are there any requirements?

These things are favoured:

  • You have easy access to a Windows computer (XP or later) so you can run the game. It does not have to be a particularly powerful machine, but it should be "real" and not a virtual machine or an emulator.
  • You're willing to communicate over IM or voice chat (it's so much easier to explain things that way).
  • You understand graphic design jargon. Nothing too deep; it's just to ensure you understand technical requirements such as image size in pixels, file types and alpha blending.
  • You can demonstrate artistic skill, including simple character animations. Perhaps you can show some work you've done before?
  • You have ideas for how you think Vox Venio should look. (The development blog, linked above, should help you here.)

What's in it for me?

You should not be motivated by money. The game will only be sold (as opposed to made available freely) if it is good enough. And even if that happens there's no guarantee anyone will buy it. I repeat: you should not be motivated by money.

You will be joining a small and friendly team of hobbyists. Hopefully you'll have some fun!

Moreover, you can be more sure about this game being finished than most. Development has been underway for months, and a playable (if still very early) version exists.

How do I apply, or ask more questions?

Email is best because it is the only thing I check frequently and reliably. Find my address from here: