AuthorTopic: [PAID] Two characters needed for an RPG game  (Read 3207 times)

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[PAID] Two characters needed for an RPG game

on: December 31, 2012, 10:24:23 pm
Hi guys,

I'm looking for someone to create me two characters for a game prototype. I've got a lot of the logic working with my place holder art and I think it's about time to get some art. Keep in mind that none of the art in my two images below belongs to me, it's just stuff I'm using as a place holder which is to be replaced asap.

The same character sprite will be used in the exploration phase of the game (replacing the capsule in the above picture) as well as the battle phase of the game (below)

The battle phase will look a lot like the exploration phase when it's done, the best example I can think of is from breath of fire.

The characters stance can be side on (Below are examples and are not my work)

I need an idle animation, one for in battle and one for on the exploration screen, the above kind of stances are good for the battle anims. I was thinking that the exploration screen idle would just be a static frame.

One run cycle, still side on (as I can mirror it for the other side)

A dodge animation such as

A few different attacks (we can negotiate on the number of them based on how long it would take you and what price for each one) it would be nice to have a few that I can play one after the other to make it look like a combination (such as playing a punch twice then a kick) Here are a few examples

and here is an example of what I mean about chaining the animations together to make it look like a combination.

A being hit animation, which could even be a single frame that the character is locked to as they are being hit. Such as the way sagat looks in this picture.

I'd also be interested in knowing a price for a few battle effects such as explosions but that would have to be discussed after we negotiate the size of the character.

I can give a detailed description of how the first character should look and I can send pictures of clothing and pictures of people for reference. It would also be nice if she could be recoloured easily as she has an ability that she can activate that I'd like her colour to change when she does it (I can probably do this in code if needed though)

I may also want more characters that look similar to the first one from you at a later date so it might be good if she's built in a way that her hair and possibly face can be swapped out (if this is too hard don't worry about it)

If you're interested we can discuss a price for this character (I haven't decided on the size of the sprite I'd like to hear an estimation of how much a few different sizes would cost before I decide).

The second character would be an enemy for the first character to fight, He wouldn't move on the exploration screen but would be a static image of him. He would require battle animations.

I'm happy to pay some of the money up front or after seeing the first frame of the character. I've released a game before and outsourced all of the art so I am happy to give a reference if needed.

please email me if you're interested (Which you should be able to do through the forum)

Sorry for so much description but I wanted to be as clear as possible about the job.