AuthorTopic: [c + c] Neo platformer  (Read 2863 times)

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[c + c] Neo platformer

on: December 06, 2012, 03:58:13 am

Title Screen

In game, enemys and lighting effects

Wall jump!

Attention: Some of the art used in this game has been borrowed, they will be replaced with my own before release so settle down.

I'm currently working on a little platformer to further my programming skills and was wondering what people think of the current art direction, the idea being something similar to cave story but focusing on doing long jumps maneuvers (similar to super meat boy) but without any of the rpg elements.

There is heavy post processing thats all implemented on the GPU(none of the screen shots have been edited, just cropped), things like film grain and highlights are already in use.

Also if you noticed the title is a direct rip of Metroid on the NES but with the Pantone equivalent pallet.

Things i actually drew:
  • Brown and green blocks
  • Character
  • UI and Title
  • Water
Everything else belongs to their rightful owners(which i don't remember).

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Re: [c + c] Neo platformer

Reply #1 on: December 07, 2012, 06:04:05 am
Dude, this game super simple, I like it.
But, I think that this background doesn't looks pixel art, it's looks like a jpeg gradient picture.
IMHO you should to change background, but still good job  ;D