AuthorTopic: Trying to animate my first Character (walking 3/4 top down)  (Read 6229 times)

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this is not pixel art so i post here,

I'm trying to make my first animated character, and it's hard :x I never animated anything
I think i'm almost done with its walking animation, i just need to ink it with my mouse and gimp (boring -_-) and using layers, transparency to simulate onion skin...

The first attempt was done without a "skeleton" and it was bad, also i drew in a too large scale, this time i shrinked it but it's still too huge i guess, i should have drawn smaller. And the perspective is medium i guess, especially the back view, i spent lot of time on it and i'm still not satisfied wth it...

The white poses are the good ones, the rest are only trials.

Do you think it's enough to make it walk ? i know some things must be reworked a little, so if you wanna correct the drawing, do not hesitate plz :p (the back view, or the second drawing with the left leg which looks too long imo)

thank you if you help :x

PS : if you know some tutorials or examples/templates about this kind of animated drawings, tell me please !

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Re: Trying to animate my first Character (walking 3/4 top down)

Reply #1 on: November 23, 2012, 06:34:43 pm
animators survival kit, i think there is downloadable version somewhere too
cheers :y: