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Deloria Origins

on: November 18, 2012, 05:20:22 pm

As some of you may have guessed, Deloria Origins is a new spin-off of the classic Deloria Online game originally created by Jeff O'Blenis (Nexemis).

For the passed few years, I have ran and maintained versions of the classic Deloria Online, including the original style Deloria Online 2.2 version (Later renamed simply to Deloria Online), as well as a more progressed and developed version which was released more recently (Deloria Online 2).
Unfortunately, due to my hard drive failing and all my data being lost, I have started again with a very new version of Deloria Online.

Deloria Origins uses a whole new gaming engine (Eclipse Origins) and a brand new graphics set (Breeze Revolution) which gives old players back the world of Deloria, in a fresh new style with tons of new features including Quests, Pets, Spells and Skills.


Deloria Origins is now in it's 3rd phase of development, and we have recently released v0.4 which is our biggest update yet.

Here is a list of features that have been added onto a base version of EO 2.0
  • Projectile weapons
  • Account activation
  • Training rooms
  • Colour coded action messages in combat
  • Better private message format
  • Right-Click shop keepers
  • Right-click Bank NPCs
  • More equipment types
  • Better stat/combat formulas
Deloria Origins is a fun hack 'n' slash style game with fresh graphics and a veteran player base.

Right now we are in beta stage. This version of testing is for NPC/Item balancing. v0.5 will be the introduction of quests and partying.

You can sign up to the forums and download the game from



So, I am here at Way of the Pixel to request volunteers to make some art for us. We are going to be using blank sprites, and wish to have a visual equipment inventory so that players can see the items on their character when they equip them.
We have a full item list already made up, and just need somebody with the skills to make the art for them.

Equipment will include weapons, armour, hats and helmets, boots. We will also be looking at character customisation, which will include skin shades, hair and eyes.

If interested, please send an email to

Kinda regards,
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