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2D Spriter/animator, vector exp. for 3D RPG

on: November 14, 2012, 03:34:45 pm
Project Name War & Adventure
Project Type Hybrid FPS/RTS/RPG a la BattleZone, Savage, Love
Team Name Procedural Genesis
Contact Email
Remote Work Yes
Payment Unpaid till project is funded via Kickstarter

We're looking for an experienced spriter / keyframe animator who is good with palettes i.e. who shows excellent control of colour and contrast, is preferably capable with toon / cel-shaded art styles, and is not afraid of vectors (*gasp*)!

The output will be 2D vectorised sprites for a 3D engine. The vectorised characters will be billboarded in a 3D world, in the style of Wolfenstein (although the game is fantasy / RPG themed), only without the pixellation artifacts. Style examples follow. I certainly hope none of the below artists take offense to my linking to their work as examples of good style!


How you wish to produce the sprites is up to you. Maybe you want to create them first by pixelling, then vectorise and refine the vectors (as numerous artists above have done); or maybe you want to create them directly as vectors. In the end, I simply need nice, sharp vector output for use in the OpenGL-based game engine.

We need someone who is able both to produce concepts and to take concepts that others have produced, and turn these into a good-looking final result.

The person should be sociable, of an even temperament(!) and fairly dedicated to improving their own portfolio by producing a large quantity of elegant FRPG sprites that will be showcased in an exciting first person game. You will be part of a team that currently consists of a musician, a 3D motion graphics designer / modeller / animator, and myself as project lead / engine developer (also looking to take on a junior developer). We will be developing the project remotely, so we need responsible, committed people who are able to carry through over the medium term.

This stage of the project exists to get a solid demo in place to attract funding via Kickstarter. Once we are funded, core team members who've shown their worth will be asked to stay on, on a paid basis for the foreseeable future. And there will be much work as the game is intended to undergo continuous development following the first release.

See the full job posting for the project, which gives a bit more detail.

Thank you. We'll endeavour to get back to all respondents.
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