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Hello, my name is Ethan, and our team is working on a 2D RPG called Project Era. The team is looking for some new and talented people who can really make this game better any way they can. The current team is quite small, which means that work has been going slower than it should be. Pixel artists are especially needed, although anybody with talent to offer is welcome. If you're wondering what Project Era is all about, that's a good question. A full document is ready to look at for anybody interested, but here are some details about the game.

Game Features...

-A refined Level-Up system. A basic part of the RPG has been changed to make challenge runs much easier to handle, and to make the game more difficult (or easier) on the player.

-Componets of the game work along with the storyline. Music is one thing that has been greatly changed to fit in with otherwise minor game details.

-Interesting locales and characters that each play a more important part in the story than a generic NPC usually would.

Story Synopsis...

"Strangers come together by accident on an adventure through time and space. What first seems to be just a mysterious device turns into a dangerous mission as a creature is unleashed into every era. Problems arise all throughout time, and it becomes their duty to stop the creature before it causes a rip in time. If they don't destroy the creature before it's too late, time itself may be destroyed."

Team Structure: The team currently has eleven members including myself. There are three programmers, three spriters, three musicians, and two writers. My job is to manage the team, find new members, and I also am working on a majority of the story. The team has been together for about four months, with new members coming into the team during those months.

Talent Needed: The team is quite small as of now, so many people are still needed. Pixel artists especially are needed, along with anything else in the art department. Below are the available positions within the team (also please keep in mind that I could have easily forgotten a position, so if your job is not on the list, please reply anyway if interested):

-Pixel Artists / Spriters
-Concept Artists
-Character / Enemy Concept
-Level Designers

It is reccomended that you have some experience with your job. There are no set deadlines right now, but if things aren't getting done, they may be set in place. As long as the work gets done in the end. It's also important that all the work you do finish is ran by the team first.

Contact Method:

Once officially on the team, a private forum has been set up for better communication between members.


Coding: C++ and/or Java.

Art: 2D pixel art for backgrounds, sprites, menus, animations, and anything else that may need to be done art-wise.

We are currently planning to release for the PC (Windows, and Mac if we are able to).

Additional Info: If you have any questions, please contact me. We've basically just begun work, so getting caught up on the game shouldn't be difficult. Once you reply, I can give a document that describes most of the game, however, it is somewhat outdated. Once on the team, things will be made much clearer. I also have some sprites that I made myself, and those examples can be seen for those who reply.
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