AuthorTopic: [PAID] need pixel artist for character animation and tilesets  (Read 1945 times)

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hello i am a new invidual flash game maker. i am looking for a character design and colouring which look like human character.approximately 32x32px.u can try the game and build a barrack to see the human character.

1 clean male human+ 2/3 armours and weapon(this means i can re-used the 1 character to make 3 char with 3 different armour) or 3 characters with slightly different armours and different weapon.

what i need is:
1. facing north, south, and east direction
2. attack pose for each direction(simple 1 will do, just stabbing using weapon will be enough)(2 frame i think is enough)
3. walking animation for each direction

my budget is 25$

if you are interested can contact me on skype(christian.atin) for further details regarding the job. looking forward to hear from you all