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Hello, my name is Tareq. My friend and I are making a platformer game and we need original characters, monsters, tilesets, backgrounds, UI, and other items and objects for our game. The type of art style we need is  something that's colorful and bubbly here are some examples:

Hi Tareq I saw that you were looking for a pixel artist and decided to reach out.
I really like the art direction you are going.

 This is a link to my portfolio:
this is also an add I did last year:

Disscord: pixnchips#7335
Besides that I wish you a great day

Hello, I'm interested, I sent a pm but here's a comment too just in case. This is my portfolio I have been doing pixelart for over 3 years now, I focus mainly on tilesets and backgrounds, but have worked with animations and characters too, here's my discord Die_Anto#4096 and gmail in case you're interested.

Hello. I'm interested in your offer. I have a lot of experience in animation and creating tilesets.

You can see my portfolio here:

If you are interested in working with me, you can contact me via email or Discord.
* Discord: YoukaiDrawing#0982
* E-mail:

Hello! I would like to show you my work. I mainly do character and monster sprites. You can check out my portfolio here -

Looking forward to hear from you soon.
Have a great day!


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