AuthorTopic: [paid] Seeking Sprite for Game Prototype  (Read 2353 times)

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[paid] Seeking Sprite for Game Prototype

on: September 27, 2012, 04:35:16 pm
Iím working on a game and I need a single animated sprite
to do some tests with. Iím a pixel artist myself but I focus on tile and
background work as animation isnít really a strong point of mine, so Iím
turning to the community here for help (paid of course).

The sprite needs to be 64x64 and have a simple walk
animation in the directions of North, South and West. Maybe an attack animation
as well if the price is right.

The style would have to match this map hereÖ

The game itself is essentially a board game like chess
where you move pieces about the board but when I updated the graphics I wanted to
have the pieces come to life. With that in mind I would love to maintain the
blocky/chunky nature of most playing pieces, something easily identifiable from
just its silhouette.

As for what I want the playing pieces to look like. I
would love it if people could take inspiration from some of the early concept sketches
for Shadow of the Colossus, organic creatures with a mixture of natural rock/minerals
and almost mechanical sections.

If anyone things theyíre up to the task then feel free to
send me some examples of your work along with quotes (

Iíll do my best to reply to all emails but if I get a
large response I may not have the time, at the very least I will update this
topic when Iíve found someone.