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Pixelation's Future

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Sorry to see this happen but it seems like the best decision. Thanks for keeping it online as a resource.  :)

This forum was in a big part responsible for forming my character (while being a teenager) and connected me with people who were able to support me in making a life-changing decision. Thank you everyone for these things and thank you for keeping this valuable piece of history and knowledge database alive.

so long <3

I'm sorry to hear this as well, although I understand the reasons behind it. First time when Secret Santa was transferred to PJ it was clear that forum is on its last breath.

Hanging out here were some of the best times I've had with pixel art in general and I've learned some important things. So far I was never able to find similar "pixel energy" so I want to tank you everyone and to wish best luck to all who contributed in any way to this great place. :)

Best regards.

Goodbye core memory, you will be missed. Haven't taken you off of my 3rd place bookmark for decades <3

While forums aren't necessarily my preferred medium for pixel art discussion, almost anything is better than Twitter =_= I don't use that service any more, and don't plan to return. The communities feature seems neat and I'd love to interact with the people who used to be here, but *waves arms at Twitter*. The community has gone to lands where I cannot keep up with it.

I'd love to use the PJ forums, but I feel like there's an obstacle to almost everything I try to do there, though I keep trying. And LoSpec is just too broad in coverage, its forum too disorganized ;_;

All that to say: Pixelation was the best place for me. Thanks for keeping up the fight against spam as long as you did. I miss this place, I miss the people I used to talk to here, and I miss having amazing guidance on my pixel-pushing path.

And thanks for leaving it up as a read-only archive!
Are there any plans to locally back up the various images from the crit threads? I've been keeping mine up, but image hosting sites inevitably crumble... Perhaps submitting this site to the Internet Wayback Machine might be the easiest approach?


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