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Pixelation's Future

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Goodbye Pixelation!  This place was such a formative place for me and many others as budding pixel artists.  Thanks for keeping it running as long as you have.

Tuna Unleashed:
A genuine shame. This place was a priceless resource in my career as a pixelartist. I remember when I was first starting out stumbling on this place felt like I'd found a community where you could get professional level art critiques for free. It truly felt like my dojo and I use the job board here to find work to this day. I wonder, can anyone save Pixelation?

Wild to think I've been here since I was in my mid to late teens. I was always on and off but it was a good run and I enjoyed it a lot.

Been mostly lurking but its been an amazing recourse of information. Pixel art lives on!

So long Pixelation you will be missed :(


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