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Pixelation's Future

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Like JACKjcs, I also regret not joining sooner. I used to lurk around 2006-2008 and I really missed out by not building up the courage to join in.

I'm thankful that the wisdom here will at least be archived. There's so much to learn from these old threads and, even if it's only remembered by a small group of people, this will always be an important corner of the internet.


--- Quote from: Indigo on September 01, 2022, 01:01:00 am ---On top of all this, forums in general are dying.

--- End quote ---

Hey, I remember having a solution to that problem ;)

--- Quote from: eishiya on September 01, 2022, 11:18:42 am ---Are there any plans to locally back up the various images from the crit threads? I've been keeping mine up, but image hosting sites inevitably crumble... Perhaps submitting this site to the Internet Wayback Machine might be the easiest approach?

--- End quote ---

The Internet Archive has luckily already archived a lot of stuff on the forums. Submitting it manually may actually be worth a shot, but I'm not sure if they accept "just a website" to crawl through and archive stuff from.

Back in the day™, I had created a (very simply) Python script to automatically retrieve images from the Internet Archive for Pixelation threads based on their thread ID. Here it is:

Let me point out a few important details, though. It's a bit old, so it may not (perfectly) work anymore. It's also still Python 2, but updating it shouldn't be much of an issue. The domain that's used in the script is still, so if you'd like to use this for newer threads, using instead might be a better idea. Finally, scraping the Internet Archive is technically against their ToS... :lala:

Edit: Well, looks like the Wayback Machine website is now a lot more reliant on JavaScript than it used to be, so that script needs a lot of adjustments to work again :yell:

Edit²: Oh yea, can I market our stuff here? Check out the cool stuff we've been doing on Pixonomicon:

I've been here mostly for the Secret Santas that would occur every year, but other than that I sadly haven't paid much attention to this forum. Depressing to hear that it's not able to really stay up anymore, but an archive is still a nice idea since I'll be able to revisit the forums anytime I like.
Take care!

Thank you admins, mods and everybody that has been posting all this years. I have learned a lot visiting these forums, got to know (not personally, but still) many amazingly talented artists with a variety of different styles and ideas of how to tackle pixel art. I wouldn't know half of what I know today if it weren't for Pixelation and its users.

I do prefer forums as a medium to post art-related stuff in general, pixel art in particular. For me, not even Discord comes close in terms of usability no matter what they do there. Conversations just get lost.
Twitter is just bad. Sure more people will potentially see your stuff, but that's really not important to me, personally.

In regards to spammers, I have been helping some friends for I believe more than a decade now in checking for new registrations and that has kept them away. Of course it's a much smaller forum than Pixelation (or at least I think it is), but it has worked for us.
I also wonder if changing the forum engine from SMF to some other wouldn't also help solve this particular problem...

But anyways, I'll keep coming here while the forums are still up and new posts can be made, and I'll keep an eye on Discord because I have to use it in a daily basis.

Thanks again.

I rise from the deep dark abyss of the past to pay my respects to the greatest of all pixel art communities. You will be missed.


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