AuthorTopic: [RPG][PC] Looking for sprite artists  (Read 2487 times)

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[RPG][PC] Looking for sprite artists

on: September 15, 2012, 01:23:58 pm
Hi there!

You're probably watching this thread because you're interested in game development, or because you're too curious. In any case, I am searching for some people that would like to develop a 2D RPG game with me. I do not have a name yet for the 'company' as I want that to be something personal to all of us rather than my own thing.

The Story
I have two possible stories.

Either we have the characters live a life irl (in the future) where they put some special glasses during their sleep which makes them play the game, so we have both 'realistic' gameplay and fantasy gameplay which would be nice for the art

Or we have the characters have a dream during their sleep, but if something happens during their dream (they get hurt) they get hurt in their real lives aswell, which makes them have a fight to survive.

Personally, I prefer the first option because I would love to see the art style change from realistic to more cartoony. Because of that, there isn't really a setting. I would much rather have a game with different kind of settings, because that adds a whole lot of variety and works better in my opinion. This is a project that will take some of your free time and you will not get paid. (Yet). You can take on different roles at the same time, but if someone applies for your second role you'll lose (a part of) that one.

You need to be able to draw characters, furniture and some environmental art.

You will also need Skype so we can talk to each other, but we might look at other options.

You will not get paid as of yet, but you might get once we release the game. This is a long-term project and you will probably have to work quite a lot but it will be worth it. Please show me your portfolio.