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Seeking 2d Artist and Animator

on: September 14, 2012, 06:17:28 pm
Hello everyone!

My name is Jesse Crafts-Finch. I am a professional developer of about seven years now, and I am seeking a 2d-artist with strong 2d-animation skills to partner with on my current project King Randall's Party.  This partner would provide in-game, website, and promotional material artwork for the game, as well as someone to toss ideas off of and help otherwise design and test the game. Compensation would be revenue share, or a mix up of revenue share and contract payment, and estimated date for the feature complete milestone is the end of this coming January.

I am looking for a partner, instead of a contractor-for-hire, because I find developing games as part of a team is more fun. There is a sense of shared progress and achievement; You get to share your "Hey, check this out!" moments with someone who understands what that cool moment  implies for the game, rather than someone outside the process who may only find it superficially interesting.

King Randall's Party is a 2d side view tower defense game for PC, where instead of building pre-fabricated defenses, the player builds their castle up block by block in an attempt to stop King Randall and his unrelenting waves of minions from plundering the state treasury for the nefarious purpose of throwing an outrageous "Block party."

It is the players duty, as Royal Treasurer, appointed by the previous Royal Treasurer for whom you totally had a crush on but never said anything, to come up with creative defensive solutions to face a flexible, versatile, and intractable enemy which can build bridges and ladders, collapse structures, and otherwise fight totally dirty in order to achieve their lofty goal of throwing one righteous party. One of the King's representatives was quoted in saying "We will not be stopped by one, single-minded fool. We will have our party, and there will be mimosas."

Development videos of King Randall's Party can be viewed at my YouTube channel

Examples of similar gameplay can be seen in King Arthur's Gold (not my game), which is a multiplayer only title freely available online at

Personal Experience:
(also viewable on my LinkedIn portfolio at ( )

Marathon Monk
Runner/platformer for Xbox and WP7 phones.
I was responsible for all development sans Artwork/Music.

CNA,Biolab, Military Painter, and CPGame (JCVR)
Serious Games developed for educational purposes.
I was responsible for all Production, and some design.
( )

CIV IV: Beyond the Sword, Broken Star Scenario (Firaxis Games)

CIV IV: Beyond the Sword, Railroads! (Firaxis Games)
Assistant Producer

Marketing intern type go-to stuff for Big Huge Games on Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends.

If you are available and interested in discussing the project, please e-mail me at

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