AuthorTopic: How do you put that you work as a pixel artist in a day job application  (Read 2475 times)

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How do you put up in a job application that you are a freelance pixel artist? I know this sounds self-explanatory but some people don't tend to accept that when I put it in since I'm a freelancer who doesn't really work through contracts (even though my employers are legit and well known).

Have any of you guys gone to the local mall to get a day job and have to explain that pixel art is what you pretty much have been doing for a living for some time now.

So yeah, how do you put it nice on the paper so they can understand and or verify / etc that you're not making things up? Does this make any sense? Thanks in advance.
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Digital artist? Video game artist? Web designer (if you're doing pixel art for web pages)? Man on the street has no clue what pixel artist means so if the specific field isn't relevant I think you should go with terminology he already knows.

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Just say you're a freelance graphic designer. Stick to the known terms. No need to get into specifics, unless they ask. If they do, don't go trying to explain pixel art. Just say you freelance graphics and illustration . . . because you do.