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[PAID] Sprite "polishing"

on: August 11, 2012, 05:05:17 pm
Hello Pixel Artists,

I have a number of completed sprites which I need "polished" - specifically, I need the edges cleaned up with a one pixel black border, and I need the animations improved to appear more realistic.

Each sprite has four animations in five directions for each animation.  Each of these is four frames.  The examples I have attached here show exactly all the animations which each sprite has.

Please send me your offer including price and time frame.  I pay promptly and preferably via paypal.

My email is:


Nehru Juman

Not necessarily in order
Sprite1 - Move, Get Hit, Idle, Attack

Sprite2 - Move, Get Hit, Idle, Attack

Sprite3 - Move, Get Hit, Idle, Attack

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