AuthorTopic: [PAID] Are You An Experienced Artist With A Love For Dungeon Crawlers?  (Read 6122 times)

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Hi, My name is Andrew Sum and I'm a game developer working on a game called Dungeon Dashers. It's been in development since early this year. Due to the busy schedules of current artists on the project I'm in need of some additional freelancers.

I am seeking experienced pixel artists to work with the existing style of the game as seen below, featuring art by Dusty and AlexHW:

Gameplay screenshot (lighting effects have been added by the game engine). Click links for larger versions:



Player Character Attack Frame

Enemy Orc Idle Frame

Dragon Idle And Attack (Unfinished)

The tiles above are aligned to a 32x32 grid and the character sprites are typically around 32x48, although their size can be bigger. Each character consists of 4 directions with an idle frame and an attack frame for simplicity.

I am looking for one or more artists to do the following:
   * Complete the attack frame for the Dragon
   * Develop new enemy character sprites in the same style as seen above. Examples of characters needed include: Hellhound, wolf, flame elemental, giant spider, ghost, and more.
   * Modify existing player character sprites with different weapons.
   * Develop a new User Interface - pixel art buttons, logos, etc.
   * [Highest Priority] Animated effects. Fireballs, explosions, dragon fire breath, smoke, lightning bolts, chain lightning, blocks of ice, water attacks, webs, particle effects.
   * Closeup static sprites of weapons and armour at 48x48.
   * Larger scale cutscene/logo artwork up to 640x360 for the main menu and story.

To fulfill this position you must:
   * be able to create original assets from references and your imagination
   * be able to work in an independent and consistent manner, delivering work on time
   * have strong communication skills and be contactable via instant messenger (Skype/MSN/GChat) as well as email
   * be creative and enthusiastic about the project, giving your own feedback and suggestions regarding how your art style suits the game

Payment will be via Paypal, artists from all countries and artistic backgrounds are welcome.

If you are interested, please contact me via email at or by private message. Please include samples of your previous work (or a link to your portfolio) and your rates.

Even if you are quite busy but are still interested, I encourage you to apply. If you have a certain strength in one of the above tasks and not the others, then I still encourage you to apply.

Please do not hesitate to contact me or reply to this post with any other questions you have about the project/job.

Kind Regards,

Update (4/9/12)
I've hired one artist who is doing most of the work right now on this project, primarily the weapon and character art. I'm sorry that I haven't been able to reply to all of the applications, as I've been swamped with emails and work on the game. I'm keeping a list of everyone who has expressed interest in this job and I'll be looking over that when more artists are required. Right now I'm playing with the idea of cutscene images so I'm looking mainly for people who are interested in doing large pixelart pieces.
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I again can vouch for Andrew. A great client to work with; he's flexible and understanding and takes your opinion as an artist into consideration.