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Re: Color Ramp Creator

Reply #10 on: July 18, 2012, 05:50:23 pm
agree with pype limited bit-limited colorspaces would be much welcome,

while you raised some valid points "basically useless" may be going a bit far it still has practical uses even with alot of hue shift, and from what I've read calculating perceptual brightness is varied and dependant on alot of things and somewhat difficult to code, and creating your own lighting model would benefit and somewhat solve that, using this as a base is still quite convenient, saving you time doing your own it is not a bad little app,

although a suggestion would to have the palette as an image or something easy to copy paste into the editor, cropping and rescaling a screenshot or inputting the hex codes manually can be a pain.

here is a simple ramp with slightly problematic tones in the midrange, and it is little effort to adjust manually, this took less time than writing this message

the user should also be savvy enough to avoid matching colours or creating 'bad ramps' or atleast reducing to the 8 or 4 modes or manually removing them if it's to bad and they really want the majority of the colours, and working down the palette via mixing/averaging colours is flexible enough, sure there are many other ways to do ramps but unless you use the right tools it's time consuming, and the OP could've kept the tool to themselves but they shared it, so kudos to them

and it's easy to generate and experiment with generated base global-palettes and just exploring quickly what tones to explore, the preview isn't the most ideal or practical in alot of cases but it gives some sense of colour outside of a palette swatch