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Team Ninja Unkende 4 - Ninja Gaiden 4

on: July 11, 2012, 07:42:20 pm
Hello I apologize in advance, I use Google.Translate.
I'm making a game on the PC. It's called "Team Ninja Unkende 4". This, I think, well-known game on NES - Ninja Gaiden.
This game is a continuation of the famous trilogy. Non-profit project. I work in Game Maker.
To make a worthy project requires new sprites. Unfortunately, I did not know how to draw.
I have a lot of new sprites, but not enough.
Basically, you need to draw new sprites for some bosses. And also need sprites for cut-scenes between levels.
For example:

Sprites should be about the size and the number of colors, as in the Super Nintendo (even though the game uses sprites from NES too).

I already did in Game 2 level and I just have need new sprites for this boss:

He needs to draw some new moves. If you want you can draw it from scratch.

I really hope that someone will respond to my proposal, because the game is likely to remain unfinished without new sprites.




You can download beta version with the first level and boss.

I look forward to free aid, as the game-for-profit. But if you draw only on a fee basis, let me know. Maybe I'll pay.

You can answer me in this thread or send me email to:
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