AuthorTopic: [PAID/UNPAID] Mobile Market RPG  (Read 3155 times)

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[PAID/UNPAID] Mobile Market RPG

on: July 04, 2012, 01:14:29 pm

I'm the owner of EvermoonLLC, we are currently tasked to work on a video game for the Android Mobile Game Market. We currently have a full time pixel artist who works on battler animation sprites. I am seeking someone who can match her style and ease the work load off of her. The job can either be free to hone the skills of a young aspiring pixel artist or paid to match my current artist's pay, but quality will be expected to be up to par or exceed our current stock of resources developed.

My current rate of pay is 50$ PER sheet, battler sheets consist of 8 animations, up to 5 frames per animation. The sheet sizes and further details of this job offer are to be discussed off-site through email due to legal restrictions on this project.

I'm personally also looking for someone who can complete tilesets in accordance to the style of pixel art the company decides to run as an RTP for their program, they are also willing to hire an artist to work full-time with pay. If you are interested in that side of the project please let me know and I will forward you to a representative to assist you further on that.

Art will not be limited to battler animations, but anything like map sprites, tilesets, enemy monster sprites (singular and we have samples of the style), and any further things required of pixel art when they arise.

If you are interested in any of this offer please contact me at my work email preferably or my personal email.

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Re: [PAID/UNPAID] Mobile Market RPG

Reply #1 on: July 05, 2012, 01:08:27 pm
I'd consider jumping on the boat for this one for free to hone my skills; sent you an email.