AuthorTopic: Mini animation, having troubles with it  (Read 13100 times)

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Re: Mini animation, having troubles with it

Reply #20 on: July 11, 2012, 11:05:03 am
First of all, the side walk animation turned out excellent--great work!

The legs are pretty good overall.

In the first one that you posted, the positioning of the arms looked like his hands were in his pockets--the arms didn't appear to actually change position, just perspective. The enlarged one you posted afterwards is better in that regard, but the movement of the arms still seems "off". In a sprite this size, one pixel can make or break a piece, and any subtle movements would be best to imply with shading.

I tried to do some work on the face, too, to make it match the sideview one more. If anything I think the arms on my edit are too energetic, but I hope it helps.

Since the sideview animation is 10 frames, maybe two more frames could work for this one as well.