AuthorTopic: help for making a stand pose for a fighting game sprite?  (Read 4977 times)

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well im kind of new to pixel art and i want to make fighting games sprites but i dont really know how, so if any of you guys can help me i would thank you very much.

also i have tried to make one by my self this is the result

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Re: help for making a stand pose for a fighting game sprite?

Reply #1 on: June 22, 2012, 08:38:38 am
Onion Master!

More overlap will:
Convey depth.
Tighten his space and balance.
Create more change as he "unfolds" when he animates.

However the wacky sort of look you have is fun -> could be even more exaggerated.
Try retaining that sensibility.
No need to draw him like I have.
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Re: help for making a stand pose for a fighting game sprite?

Reply #2 on: June 22, 2012, 12:23:18 pm
My opinion is that in 2D fighing games. An idle pose should totally express the character's attitude.
Defensiveness, readiness, arrogance, anger, calm and wit can all be conveyed by how the character body parts are configured.
Is it's back up straight? chest forward? confidence. Ar the hands up or down? hand down would seen to radiate inner calmth or overconfidence.
There are many variations.

Look at Blanka and how much he is bent forward. With his arms alomst dragging on the ground. It gives him some sort of animalistic appearance. He fights out of anger and confusion. Much like some animals. Whereas Ryu has a more optimal fighting pose. His arms and legs configured to yield the most effecient balance between attacking and defending. There is no unnecessary moving. and no limb really sticks out. He is the balanced warrior.

Zangief does not even bother to cover himself. His arms and hands are wide open. Why? Because he wants to grab people! You can just see that this guy gets his pleasure from dominating the opponent with grabs and throws. This is why he leans forward so much! He can't wait!

Chun-Li's hand are not clutched at all. Her fingertips are softly stretched and the arms move i an soft wave like motion. She is calm. Her power comes from inner Peace. Se knows there is no point in balded fists and instead put her strongest asset forward. Her legs.

So what is your character's attitude?

I point this out because i think your character already has a very strong attitude.
Right now looks sort of wacky like PixelDriver mentioned. I agree this is a good thing. 
Think about who this guy is.

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Re: help for making a stand pose for a fighting game sprite?

Reply #3 on: June 26, 2012, 04:59:33 pm
This is an awesome tutorial on this topic:

I know it's linked elsewhere on this site too, but it bears repeating. 

Essentially, taking Grundy's very good advice, consider what each region of the body should be doing.  Right now the only parts that move on your character are the knees and chest.  Consider his arms, neck, back, and play around with them a bit.  The more parts that are moving on their own, the less it'll feel like a cut-and-paste project of a basic image dragged up and down.  Are the arms ready to strike, or block, or what else?  Is he heavy on his feet or light?

This is all just me reiterating Grundy and that tutorial above, but it's all stuff worth considering.  You've got a good start to work on; now work on it!