AuthorTopic: (semi)low poly modelling experiments (undeadly)  (Read 14557 times)

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Re: (semi)low poly modelling experiments (undeadly)

Reply #10 on: June 25, 2012, 08:20:14 am
"making the next Deus Ex"
sounds like an ambitious project, up my lane of interest too, I'm quite fond of emergent game systems, cause and effect and utter player freedom toward actions and exploration ;D create worlds for people to become immersed in and explore etc etc.

currently working on an assignment for my animation course and have thus far speed modelled this character concept

rather low poly and hasn't been optimized yet, still within PS2 character polycounts.

and yeah game development has been taken up all over the globe, sadly some of the jobs in india and china directly correspond to the closing of alot of companies all over the place, Australia took quite alot of hits in the last 5 or so years, especially the state I am in there are barely any active studios at all, besides casual games, and they aren't the same :(


2500 poly or so , still WiPy, on texturing will rig him up soon, spent about 5-6 hours on him so far relatively fast modelling spent couple hours modelling the head and another couple on the body, lil bit on unwrapping and dunno few hours on the texturing (keep getting distracted so it's hard to gauge, but it's faster than alot of stuff I've attempted so far in some regards)

was told it was too colourful (borderline racist if you ask me  :lol:) so had to dull it down, might need to push white make up, it's for a mime thingy, so got a casual looking mime kid going, and oh yeah might end up in sepia, but not sure

seems colour is more likely, and update:

some rather rough story board slides, with an edited version for the boards, with nod to a certain someone on the forums pseudo-trademark I'm sure it's obvious :lol:

oh yeah he's rigged now if it wasn't obvious, back to texturing tomorrow
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Re: (semi)low poly modelling experiments (undeadly)

Reply #11 on: July 02, 2012, 01:14:36 pm

Your boards are at a very early stage and could change significantly, but thought I would mess with the idea a little:

Some Advice:
1. Interaction: have the characters touch each other, affect the others mood, or force the other to do something.
2. Moments: Make a panel for anything significant. Motion, rest, action, start (I forgot to do a title), end, etc. This helps create Timing.
3. Facial expressions: At this stage just paint them directly onto the image. Even if they are very simple they will help you later.
4. Arrows: On a still image sometimes a static pose can look like motion, or motion can look like a static pose. Use arrows to explicitly mark motion. This also helps create Timing.

Playing on the fact that he's a mime could also make it more interesting.
Cool Stuff!
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Re: (semi)low poly modelling experiments (undeadly)

Reply #12 on: July 02, 2012, 02:16:17 pm
wow nice work thanks  :D
that was like a fast partial slide test while testing out my freshly rigged character,
and yeah I actually had some interaction planned he does the same but with his hand, your adaptation is well within the brief too, and initially I avoided doing the step in it solely because another class mate was doing it, but I think he has since abandon it, so I may well pursue it and I think it'll be easier to fit within the 30 second time frame than what I was going to do, I think I'm liking the dynamics of this option more too, especially now you've helped me visualize it more and I like the idea of being knocked of his feet ;D going to try making some blend shapes for facial animation too

thanks much for the input :) great use of action lines!, and great points I should get in the habit of using them no matter how early, especially when showing them to others ( have learnt that too)

titles are independent of the 30 second time frame so I can go crazy  :D but I can't ruin the punch line ::) got a few ideas worth pursuing, I'll be sure to keep this thread updated with my progress, thanks again ^ ^