AuthorTopic: 16 Color Story --- Looking for 2nd Programmer C++!  (Read 2905 times)

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16 Color Story --- Looking for 2nd Programmer C++!

on: April 21, 2012, 06:22:33 am
So here's a mock up WIP.

Here's a bigger size.

And this is what it's about!
16 color story is about a robotic dog with a cannon for a head lost in the depths of space. He wants friends. What he gets is a way to build his own planet in the form of Earth Elemental Cannonballs. So, he (his name is Boom) builds this planet of a 20x20 limit square. The player can place Earth blocks and destroy them in a 123 321 way. Eventually when your planet gets big enough you start attracting things to it. Like monsters, chests, and other things. But most importantly you get neighbors. You can build them houses and talk with them about different things. Farther down the line you will leave your home planet in search of the other 3 elements, those being fire water and wind. Where in the galaxy will Boom find the elements? Will he save the galaxy or just be content with having friends?

Anyway, I'm a pixel artist with game design ideas and not much else. I can't offer any money at all to hire someone. So, there's that difficulty. I need a programmer and a music maker. I can do all the animations myself (probably).

I was thinking of making a series of games based on this concept - like starting small with just block placing within limits and using gravity - and going forward from there.

What do you guys think of this? I've already got one music maker somewhat interested in this also.
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I'm a sucker for really simple stuff like this.

Last year I worked on an ASCII game.
It was a blast.
The low standard let us speed along and create the game within a short time period.
This can be really good for a project especially if it's one of your first.

I can do all the animations myself (probably)
Don't worry about this so much.
Setting a simple and fast animation style for this sort of art will look fine.
Just do a single pass on everything with extreme limitations, such as only 2 frames per animation.
Or even more limited only 2 frames per character no matter what they are doing.
If its not the look you want just do another pass, and another etc.

In our project we were able to get away with the player having 0 animations.
Instead he would flash colors, emit particles and make sounds to convey status and action.
Perhaps not as limited as you might want, but it can work.

You can build them houses and talk with them about different things.
If this is a major component of the game you should add it to a variant of your mockup as soon as possible.
Text stuff can take up a lot of game screen real estate depending on how you set it up.
Try different compositions of when and where text will show up when you talk to people.
You'll want to find a good compromise between the style and readability of the text that you want.

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This sounds like a really fun game idea! I like the art too, I really enjoy the simple, flat patterns, like the ground squares and stuff. I'd do something different with the house roofs, though. They just aren't working that well.

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Thanks for the input guys! I would have replied a lot sooner but I didn't see any replies to the thread in like 5 hours time.

Anyway. A C++ coder and I have been working on the game engine for the past 4-5 days and we could use some help.
If you know anyone who wants to work on a fun project with innovative ideas - and you know C++ - then...
I'd really like it then if you could come help our team code!