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[Paid] Require 2 Isometric Sprites

on: March 26, 2012, 02:59:14 pm
Hi artists!

We have been developing our isometric tactical RPG for just over a year and are preparing to start a Kickstarter soon. However, we would like to first set up a little demo battle so that we can show what we've been working on.

Unfortunately, we need some basic sprites done for this demo. If you're interested, please continue to read the requirements and look at the examples and then provide your quote!

We need two isometric sprites done with the following types of animations:

1. Walk Cycle
2. Attack
3. Damage
4. Death

Of course these don't cover all the animations we'll need in the end, but for the sake of a demo, this is the bare minimum we need. Also, they do not need to be 8~10 frames like the examples below, just as long as they're readable.

In terms of art style, here are some examples of what we currently have:

The actual two characters we need are two generic soldiers. Here is some concept art:

Unfortunately, we don't have any thing fully animated or the actual art cycles for the examples above, so you would need to either base a new one off the above, or start with something fresh based off the concept art.

We're really excited about this project and have come a long way; so if you're interested in joining an international project of dedicated people, please let me know here or email me at matthew.ostil(at)

Also, if you wish to know more about the project in general, feel free to email me as well!

Thanks!   ;D
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