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[Paid] Sprites needed for iPhone 2D Game

on: March 16, 2012, 12:17:24 am
Dear All,

I have just started an iPhone game company based in Cambridge, UK. For my first iPhone game I need some very talented Sprite designer to deliver some masterclass animation work. I have a series of sketches from a trusted artist which I need to convert in sprites. The total number of characters is around 50. For a suitable candidate I will be paying 30$ per character animation (series of images illustrating the movement) and 15$ for each variation of character (e.g. based on the same sketch but with different hair colour and eyebrow). A discretionary bonus will be given if the art work is done within an assigned timeline and with the quality expected. Payment via bank transfer at each slot of 5 characters. If the artist is veteran I could consider providing part of the payment now (as posted above) and the additional fee once the game has been realeased and covered the costs.

Here is an example of character (in low resolution):
I would appreciate if the candidate could send a sprite of the character to Feel free to choose any colour pattern you like. Animation of the character as it was singing would be a plus. The game is view from top style GTA and the character above shows the prospective I intend to use..

Please send your porfolio, short CV and sprite to I am working using Zwapotex ( ) so either PNG or Zwapotex files are welcome.

If you have any questions please feel free to drop me an email and we can arrange a skype call.

Thank you for reading,

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