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Re: Female Space Marine

Reply #10 on: February 20, 2012, 12:21:47 am
Not much to add to what's already posted, except to say whatever palette you go with in the end you should probably keep the helmet/armor parts uniformly coloured to make them distinguishable from the cloth. Like Helm, I prefer the one where you have armor parts in lighter less saturated shades than the clothing. It's easier to make out at a glance what's what that way I think.

About one-liner praise: I agree with the general principle of keeping the boards strictly critique-based but sometimes I think it's helpful to give the artist confirmation he/she is going the right way. People are different and will take total silence to mean different things. The good but second-guessing artist might go back and forth tweaking a piece to death because he/she takes lack of feedback as a sign that people are generally unimpressed with the new changes, when in fact there's very little left to crit. In those cases, giving a simple nudge along the lines of "the new tweaks look great" could help the artist wrap it up and move on to the next thing.

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Re: Female Space Marine

Reply #11 on: February 20, 2012, 06:46:53 am
Edit to better match the concept art, and for general human-ness:

Hope it helps! :)

I would definitely keep the face-covering part of the mask black so that it can be explained as a tinted visor. Making it completely opaque communicates to me that the character is an alien with an elongated skull.

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Re: Female Space Marine

Reply #12 on: February 20, 2012, 06:03:54 pm
Oh thanks everybody! These comments certainly were useful.

Thanks for the animation! Although I think it is kind of exagerated as I would prefer a breathing animation to show her concentration instead a fighting instance, the movement you made is a nice reference (:

I think androgenous is OK, as I believe there will a be short cutscene showing no helmet on her. But I do agree the shoulders are wider than they could be. I'm sticking to the helmet, though. This big is adding a lot to her silhouette and meaning there is actually a human head inside it - the smaller one you did seems like a "pure" robot head. I did borrow some of the adjusts you made on hips and shoulders, thanks a lot!

Thanks for taking time and answering. I asked some people about the other colors. As the character will be anything but kind, blue didn't quite well (and it seemed like a police armor), and although red is excellent for some main characters, well, there are too many of them and almost none is white. Pinkish and purpleish armor seems kind of "evil" too, this is not what I wat for her - even though she's not good, she's not an asshole too haha

Many thanks for your advice! I didn't really understand the color banding problem, but I got what you meant for the shapes, specially the helmet. You're right about the thighs too. Even though I didn't shape them as you did, the lower part of them, where it gets near the knee, were poorly shaded. Borrowed some of your pallete too, hope there is no problem about that.

Well, finally, the new sprite:

Still don't know which one is better. What Erekt said about keeping one color for armor and another for "cloth" is efficient , I really like the idea of the dark part of the helmet seems like a big visor. However, while it's entirely white, it pops out enough to say "hey, I'm a white character, you know?".

About comments: I do agree with Helm, still, although I was pretty confident about my skills, I was not sure if the final result was effective, anything would do. Not simple encouragement, but comments like Seiseki's. He pointed the right things and why he thought they were right. I needed different opinions and Pixelation showed me a long time ago that there are plenty of artists with different skills and opinions to add to your work. I was quite participative and helped others, but when I needed help again, I got no response at all.
Anyway, maybe there are too many variables for why this happens, don't know if it is really productive to keep this discussion here.