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Position has been filled. Big thanks to everyone who was interested.



Looking for a 2D artist (freelancer) for a game. The game is set in a fantasy medieval age in a castle (almost realistc style). Looking for 37 entites (guard,...) on sprite sheets (~10 frames for each), 24 entities (chest,... 1-2 frames each), background: tiles 8x8, max 256x256 (number depending on your creativity). All as .png files.

The entities size would be 170x85, 106x53, 46x23. So there would be 3 .pngs for each frame. The other 24 entities would have mostly half of that size. The entity's different frames on the entity's spread sheet should be in one line. Regular sprites with smooth alpha transparency are sufficient.

What is your average rate for this kind of work and what would be your approximate total cost. Deadline for finishng the art: March 20th, 2012.

If your are currently available for new projects and are interested, then contact me until Feb. 3rd via e-mail: (include a link to your gallery).


Edit: Some people had questions regarding the 3 sizes. The 3 sizes are identical for each frame.
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