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Hey everyone.

So I'm currently involved on a remake project for a classic Amiga top down shooter: The Chaos Engine, released on 1993 by the Bitmap Bros. The goal here is to improve some frames that could've used some more work and introduce a few original animations that were left unused. I started working with the sprite sheet for the abandoned megadrive sequel, since it's the only one that features the unused frames I mentioned. Later on, I might attempt to recolour them to the original Amiga OCS pallete. Here's what I've done so far. Left is the original and right is my edit:

Essentially I altered the stance; I thought the original didn't feel like a natural gun-holding stance. It looks like the character is holding his gun right next to his chest, regardless of the perspective. I also didn't like the position of the feet so I changed it as well. The new stance mimics real life as close as I could make it; right arm extended, ready to pull the trigger, and left arm flexed holding the gun at the bottom.

Comments/thoughts? Also feel free to rip appart. I'm not an experienced pixel artist by any means, so all sorts of modifications are welcome.

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