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Iím looking for a pixel art tutor to give me feedback on my work and help me improve. Iím looking for a very high level artists, preferably pros both for spriting and animation. Iím not sure how this would go but Iím thinking of paying for each feedback provided. This is something we can work out in private.

Looking for someone who reply in a timely fashion. I would pay using PayPal. Provide links to your work in your messages.


I'm Pixel/2D/3D artist with 15 years of experience in gamdev. More about me you can find here: and here:

I've worked as a pixel art tutor before. Also, I did a few speeches about pixel art, and I'm going to start a new side job as a graphic art lecturer.

Feel free to write/ask me anytime :)

I've sent you a private message!

Sent ya a dm!  :)


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